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Toska Spa Experience!

Hi friends! I am so excited to share with you my day at Toska's Spa in Charlotte, NC! A little knowledge on Toska herself, she is the esthetician for celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Anniston, Kim Kardashian, and probably more that I don't know about! (LOL) So needless to say, she is the real deal! I had first met her at Drybar when I did her hair, without realizing who she was! She is so kind!


I had Kari as my esthetician and she treated me like a queen! Before you go back for your facial, they perform a skin analysis with a fancy machine that tells them the elasticity of your skin, your hydration levels, the condition of your skin barrier, sun damage, and clogged pores! That alone was one of my favorite parts of the appointment. It gave me a clear understanding of what I needed to work on and what products I needed to stop using and start using.

picture : @toska_europeanspa

My facial started with a cleanse followed by toner and a mask. While my mask was on my face, Kari gave me THE BEST head massage! It was so relaxing and soothing. Following the mask, she performed the remodeling and deep cleanse treatment. This treatment is great for acne prone skin because the electric currents revitalize the epidermis and help to clean out yucky stuff under the skin! After that, I had cool oxygen applied with a blue light for skin rejuvenation.

My skin after my facial! Look at that glow!


For the past two years, my skin routine has consisted of medicine prescribed by my dermatologist. This included; Cetaphil, Aczone, and Epiduo. These products did help to get rid of my acne, but served no long term benefits for my skin. The spots would never fully go away and my skin was left feeling dry and very uncomfortable. Which is which I decided to make this spa visit!

My new skin care regimen consists of products that will help treat the acne marks while also taking care of my skin!

They are listed as follow:

-LAIT U cleaning milk (cleanser)

-LOTION P50V enriched exfoliating and purifying lotion (toner+exfoliant)

-MASQUE BIOSENSIBLE soothing and protecting facial mask (mask used once or twice a week)

-CREME DERMOPURIFIANTE purifying face cream (moisturizer)


Was it worth the $?

Yes yes yes! If you think about how much money you spend on products that don't do that great of a job, it adds up to higher end products that make a difference for your skin! My advice would be to save up like I did and plan your budget. Kari helped me determine what treatments I needed that were within my price range. You can't forget the long term care and benefits these products and procedures will have on your skin! My philosophy is, take the time to take care of yourself now so you wont have a hard time fixing problems later.

Tips I learned

ALWAYS wash your face with cold water. I'm not going to lie to you and say I was already doing that because I hate cold water. But I have really practiced this when using my cleanser and I honestly believe it has helped tremendously with redness.

I now know the importance of looking into what products to use for my skin type. Not all products work the same for everyone! Typically I would try products that people would recommend without even knowing their skin type.

Lastly, facials are necessary. Just like going to the dentist, doctor, or hairstylist (wink wink), it is important to have routine facials to purify your skin and make sure you are still using effective at home skin care. Skin changes, weather changes, stress levels go up, and so many other things happen that can cause your skin to take a 180. Stay on top of it before the problem spreads!

Thanks so much for reading! Please leave comments or ask any questions!

& a HUGE THANK YOU to Toska! I now have an improved self confidence that I didn't know i needed!

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