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Time saving beauty tips!

Who has ever sent the, "Leaving my house now" text when you actually just started to dry your hair? Yeah, I think maybe we are all guilty. So I'm here to share with you some of my favorite tips for hair, makeup, and fashion to get ready fast and still look fabulous!


-Put it in a donut bun! I used to do this trend every morning before school and I forgot how much of a life saver it is! I purchased my sponge at Target! It's so easy to achieve and looks like you took time to create a style! Plus, no one will know if your hair is still a little damp!

It's also great if you're someone who is trying tp use less heat on your hair. At the end of the day when you take it down, you might be surprised with how much body is left in your hair!


-Forget the brushes, blend with your fingers! You can save time by blending your foundation, concealer, and even your blush by warming up the product on your fingers and applying to your skin!

-Don't spend time contouring, just add blush to enhance your cheekbone! I have been loving the Milk "makeup lip + cheek" for my blush! It blend so smooth and take seconds to apply. I have the shade, "WERK''.

-Brush and fill in your brows in the same step with Benefit "GIMME BROW"!

-Do a simple eyeshadow look. Apply a brown or warm tone color to your crease and then add a light, shimmery shade to the inner corner. This will give you color and brighten your eye!


-Plan your outfit the night before! This is pretty basic but it does help to just throw on the clothes you have laid out!

-When in doubt, always put on jeans.

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