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The Power of Simplicity

Simplicity is the quality of being natural. Over the last couple of months, my goal has been to simplify as many areas in my life that I have control over. When feeling overwhelmed, it helps to refocus and spend energy on things you can improve, whether they can internal or external. I thought I would share some of the things I have been doing to grow and re-center.

Tip #1 - Enhance your skin care routine.

It's easy to get lazy with your skin and think that the bare minimum will do. I've done a lot of research on what products are safe and work the best for my skin. I have been loving products by, "The Ordinary''. They are affordable and never irritate my sensitive skin! It feels great to invest in yourself!

Tip #2 - Organize your closet.

Some many find this therapeutic and some may find this stressful. Personally, I LOVE to organize anything! Cleaning out old clothes only makes room for new ones! :) This gives you a chance to change or add to your style.

Tip #3 - Write down your goals.

I've talked about how important setting goal is in my last blog, but here it is again! Dream big, make plans, have faith, and believe in yourself. The one thing you can control is your mindset! Looking forward to reaching these goals will give you an extra push to get out of bed everyday!

Tip #4 - Take a trip!

Go somewhere! Literally it cold be a trip to Target. Pretend for a few moments, hours, or days, that you're not just working your life away. Realize that you can have selfish moments! Buy something from the dollar section girl! LOL.

Tip #5 - Read a book.

I struggle to actually stick to my reading plan. It's either sit down and read three chapters in a row or read couple of pages every week or so. But I encourage you to find a book that will ease your mind! I have been reading "Uninvited", by Lysa TerKeurst and it is AMAZING! I love honest stories written by Christians that are meant to inspire and relate to struggles that every human faces. There is always the option of a good mystery novel or love story!

Tip #6 - Add plant life to your space.

I haven't always appreciated flowers or plants the way I do now. Well, the only time I have real flowers is when I receive them as a gift, haha! All of the flowers in my room were purchased from the good ole' TJ. Maxx. They still give a light and airy aesthetic to the room. So add a real (or fake) flower to your life!

Tip #7 - From Bailey Upchurch - Take a social media break.

”Taking a step back from fb, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is sometimes much needed. We don’t realize how much social media can sometimes exhaust us. Constantly comparing ourselves and mindlessly scrolling can take a toll on our mental health. I think it’s super important every so often (every couple weeks) to take social media breaks. This means, don’t post, don’t scroll, and focus on “real life” as we know it. Delete the app on your phone if that helps to not automatically click on it. This helps me tremendously to recharge and get creative juices flowing again and then I’m ready to get back into it after my break!”

I love this Bailey! We all need to remember this! Make sure to follow Bailey on Instagram! “@baileyupchurchmua”

Tip #8 - From Danielle Maddox - Stop and Breath

"Focus on one thing at at time... Rome wasn't built in a day"

True that! I needed to hear this! I think we all get overwhelmed and we start to blame ourselves for silly things! Thanks for sharing Danielle! Make sure you follow her Instagram! "@spreadingthepretty"

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