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Stuck in the middle with...bangs

Let's talk hair! As a hairstylist, I love to find the newest trends celebrities are rocking. This year, it seems that the textured middle part with curtain bangs look has taken first place and I am here for it! This look is so easy to achieve and can be dressed up or down. It basically fixes itself...I mean why can't all our problems do that? LOL.

Personally, I have always loved a side part and never thought I could pull off the middle part look. Trust me, I have many clients that say the same thing about themselves, so sister you are not alone! But since I have learned how to successfully style this look, I have LOVED it! So I thought I would share these tips with you!


TIP #1

Practice using your round brush to give your front piece volume. This can be achieved by blow drying these pieces up and back! Yes, it can be an arm workout but that's just killing two bird with one stone, am I right?

Tip #2

Avoid drying or brushing your front pieces forward or straight. This was my biggest mistake in the beginning!

Not to self: straight across bangs and curtain bangs are two different ball games!

Tip #3

High tops/Rollers are your friend! I blow dry my bangs with the hairdryer and then roll them into my high top (from Drybar) to set them. This way they have time to cool and it gives SO much bounce and volume. This trick leaves you with the "feathered ends", allowing your bangs to blend smoothly with the rest of your hair!


TIP #1

For my girls that struggle with flat hair, texturizing spray will change your life! Drybar's Triple Sec spray or the Pureology texture spray will do the trick! Spray it into your hair and comb through the ends to distribute the product.

TIP #2

For my girls that are blessed with curls but complain about them anyway, smoothing products are the way to go. A smoothing cream or a hydrating oil will calm your hair and take away those frizzies!

TIP #3

For the girls that have in between hair like me, use a flat iron to give a soft bend, creating a effortless style.

Now that you are rocking this middle part like Hailey Bieber, you can conquer anything! :)

Let me know if these tips helped!

Simply, Sav

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