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I thought I would start out my blog with a word and a meaning close to my heart, Joy. Our world has been turned upside down and sometimes it's hard to remember where to look up. So let's talk about things that make us happy and how to hold them close!

What does Joy look like to you?

I consider myself more of a visual person, which is why you may receive a lot of gifs from me (my friends will gladly attest to that). It's easier to understand the purpose of you words/thoughts with a picture. Visualizing what my life would be like if I accomplished my goals helps me get out of my dark hole. I have created a vision board before and I would highly recommend making one! It allowed me to see all of my ideas and realize how tangible they were. It's easy to keep your ideas comfortably tucked away in your mind. Share them with the world!

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!"

If Joy were a person, it would be Buddy the Elf. Oh how I crave spaghetti drenched in chocolate syrup when thinking about this movie. Yeah, no thanks! Although it does make me want to fast forward to December, the month of Joy. Just think about how many times you see this word in Christmas decor. If only we could make every month like December. I think we could all take notes from Buddy on how to keep the spirit of Joy alive every day of the year.

So when you feel overwhelmed or stuck, just find a revolving door and spin around until you get sick. In other words, keep moving even if you have to restart every day. You may have to convince yourself every morning that what you are working towards matters. Every hurdle is different depending on the person. Sing in the shower, dance to your favorite song, start your vision! Do something that sparks JOY in your heart!

J-esus O-ver Y-ourself.

It's getting deep over here. Let's talk about Jesus.

As a believer of Christ, you'll see content about my faith as a testimony of making it this far. Because without the encouraging words from him, you wouldn't be able to view this site right now!

Joy is a reminder to me to choose his word over my own. To believe in his promise and not my own understanding. If I listened to the voice inside my head that tells me that my ideas are crazy, my creativity would never grow. If I listened to the voice that tells me our world will never go back to "normal", I would never leave my bed.

Choose Jesus over yourself because he will never fail you. Choose JOY.

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