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Hey girl, what's your number?

I'm talking about your enneagram! I've seen this topic everywhere lately and it made me feel less weird for thinking enneagram numbers are so cool! They can reveal things about yourself that you didn't know and give you insight on how to grow. So first, I'll just tell you what these 9 types are!

Type 1 - The Reformer

Type 2 - The Helper

Type 3 - The Achiever

Type 4 - The Artist

Type 5 - The Thinker

Type 6 - The Loyalist

Type 7 - The Enthusiast

Type 8 - The Challenger

Type 9 - The Peacemaker

I found out about enneagrams when I was having a life crisis, trying to figure out which career path was best for me (haven't we all been there?) lol. So I downloaded an app and took the quiz...which can sometimes be misleading but I was curious. I learned that I am a 1w2! The first number is your dominant trait and the second is traits that you can show. In other words the first is the coffee and the second is the creamer flavor. It's getting colder, I have coffee on my brain, but you get it.

This number describes me 100%. To simplify it, I'm basically Monica from Friends. Which gave me answers but also terrified me. None of the career paths for my enneagram was matching my interest. This is the con of trusting a number from a quiz.

The pro of knowing your number is knowing your strong points. This number can only define you to a certain point. So don't overthink it (like I did). Your personality and heart can only be defined by the one who created you! Be proud of that!

On a lighter note, this has helped me in so many ways! I would encourage you to find your number and discover what you have to offer the world! It'll allow you to learn how to work better with others, why you don't see eye to eye with certain people and how to communicate! It is your super power.

I would love to know YOUR enneagram number! :) comment on this post or my instagram post!



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