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We all have a dream, a goal, or just a "one day I will do this', that sits in the back of our mind. For me, it has always been having my own business doing hair and makeup. That dream grew when I started to work at Drybar and saw the many opportunities that comes from making connections and working in a city like Charlotte.

The picture on the right was from my first year working at Drybar CLT! It was actually taken on my 20th birthday (wow time goes fast). At this point in my life, I was timid and not nearly as confident as I am now.

I fell in love with making people feel beautiful by simply styling their hair and being a part of a great salon family! I still dream of having my own type of Drybar someday... who knows what the future holds!


Over the past month, I have focused in on what I want my social media accounts and business offerings to look like. I want my Instagram to be fun to look at and also be interactive! I appreciate comments and advice from my viewers! What I don't want it to do, is to take away from my personal connections and daily life. I enjoy talking to people while I work way more than ghost followers, lol! I want to use Instagram to grow my business, I don't want Instagram to use me! It is so nice to put your phone down and spend time with people you love. So if you're also someone who is like me, trying to figure out the world of beauty influencers, I encourage you to always repeat to yourself that YOU are in control of how much time social media takes from you.

As for the business side, I will now be including makeup as a service! So exciting to be putting my skills and passion back to use! If you're not already, please follow my business Instagram, "@something_braided". While I grow my wedding business, I will still be working at Drybar Atherton, so please come see me there! :)

I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Caitlyn Michelle for mentoring me and helping me with this process. YOU ROCK SISTER!

Thanks for reading! :) I want to know your dreams! Send me your goals or your passion! Let me know if my story helped you in any way!



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