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Bridesmaid Bling

More often than not, a bride will let her bridesmaids pick their own jewelry...but what if you have no idea what style to look for or where to shop!? Fear not, I am here to help.

I have selected a few pairs of earrings from some of my favorite stores that are diverse in color and shape! I tend to lend towards chic and dainty jewelry! Majority of these style will work with whatever season you are planning for or dress style you'll be wearing!

Let me know which bridesmaid you are in the comment section! :)

For the the gold loving, dainty bridesmaid:

Where to find them:

For the simple and oh so chic bridesmaid:

Where to find them:

For the "I'm here to make a statement" bridesmaid

Where to find them :

For the bright and cheerful bridesmaid:

Where to find them:

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