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Who else is a HUGE denim fan? Well I am going to share all of my favorite places to find the perfect pair of jeans and other fun ways to incorporate denim into your wardrobe!



I found this cute denim dress at H&M and it will never leave my closet! I love the way it is fitted in the waist. Makes me feel like Rachel from Friends!

>Forever 21

This belted denim skirt came from Forever 21! Just like H&M, I've noticed that a lot of their pieces are fitted, which is great for a petite girl like myself.

>Urban Outfitters

Why did I just discover BDG Jeans? They are AMAZING. I think my Levi's have a little competition with this brand. They are great for gals that have a small waist but still have curves on the back (you know what I'm hinting at ladies).

They also give me mom jean vibes but just a little trendier. The shorts in this collage are BDG High-Waisted Mom Shorts!


Yes, Walmart. You read that correctly. These ripped jeans are from Sofia Vergara's line! They are the best high-waisted, flare jeans for a 5'2 girl. And guess what the best part is...they are 20$!

Denim is not just made to be worn as pants!

-Throw on a cute, over-sized denim jacket to add a more casual vibe to your outfit! I found mine at TJ Maxx! For a more "dressy" vibe, check out the jackets at Old Navy!

- A denim dress makes a statement and can be worm over any top for any season! I have mine paired over a basic black tee, but for fall/winter i could easily transition it by wearing a sweater underneath!

-Overalls! I'm so glad we brought these back and made them trendy! I love a good pair of distressed denim overalls. You can dress it up by wearing booties and a sweater or dress down by wearing sneakers and a tee.

Side note, I'm going to do my research on colored corduroy overalls. Are they coming back? Do we love he idea of them or should they be left in the 70s? Give me your thoughts! :)

Thanks for checking out my denim post! For links to buy these pieces, check out my account on the LikeToKNowIT.App!



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