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2021 Vision

Isn’t it ironic how the saying is, “2020 Vision.” For many reasons, this past year didn’t go as we expected. But it did give us a new vision, or should I say a new perspective. So I’m changing the saying and making this year the best!


-Focus on building my name in my career. If you know me, or follow my Instagram, you know that a big dream of mine is to open my own blowout bar. Well this year that dream may become reality! For two+ years I worked for Drybar, which is a franchise. I learned a lot from working there but realized my heart was more focused on a locally owned business. So I am taking a leap of faith and believing in myself! If you want to know more, please follow my social media accounts! And go after your dreams!

-Rest in knowing that only God can see the future while he reveals it to us day by day. It’s scary to start your own business, it’s scary to leave home, &it’s scary to start a family. Whenever you are at in your walk of life, fear can always creep in. But Jesus offers us peace and guidance. Trust that he will never leave you and he has prepared you for this moment!

“Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you“-Deuteronomy 36:1


-Change my wardrobe. Yes I know, seems so silly. But I realize that I have TOO MUCH STUFF (believe it or not). So I’m going to focus on the styles and colors that I feel confident in. Because we all have that moment where we get to work or school or just go out in public and think, “why did I wear this?”. It’s a small problem to have and I’m blessed with the things I have! But it’s a change that will make all the difference in routine, and I am a creature of habit!

-Perfect skincare. GIRL, stop buying what everyone suggests on tiktok! Trust Toska and Toska only. If you haven’t gone to see her in Charlotte, go! Also go read my previous blog on my experience! She has the perfect team to help you! { }

-Read more. I say this every year. Some people have “go to the gym”, on their resolution list every year, but reading is the one that I say and never do. It calms me and I always feel so accomplished after I read! I guess I like to exercise my brain more! Lol! Maybe I’ll read while step at a time.

Tell me your New Year’s resolutions! Or tell me why you won’t miss 2020.

2020, who is she? We don’t know her.



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